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Who we are
BridgeOne Telecoms is a communications technology company obsessed with connecting you to the world.

We bring global opportunities to your fingertips.

Who we serve
BridgeOne Telecoms is set to be a leading provider of wireless broadband internet and communications solutions for all businesses, residential estates, academic institutions, for-profit or non-profit organizations, as well as government offices, agencies and parastatals.
Where we are
We are headquartered in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.

We are local and your next door neighbor, this means we know you and your business and we are easily within reach.
Where we cover
Our high power base transceiver stations (bts) are strategically located across major cities and fitted with top quality radios to provide internet coverage at maximum capacity.
BridgeOne Telecoms is privately owned, debt free and financially strong.

With our combined years of experience in technology solutions development, BridgeOne Telecoms is your dependable partner to propel you to the next progressive level of business development and living experience.

We are aware of the communication needs of our customer's businesses and homes. We therefore make it our priority to provide the adequate measure of internet data transfer speed to each of our customers while granting all our customers access to unlimited data.

Our Vision
At BridgeOne Telecoms, our vision is to be the core local and international infrastructure for global integration.
Our Mission
Because we are obsessed with it, our mission is to continuously bring vast global opportunities one step closer to our local and international customers by deploying the technology, communications solutions, and seamless digital connections to facilitate this venture.
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